I know, this isn’t the way to start an article, but OMG…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, these shoes are amazing, they are to die for! Take a look at the 8 most fabulous and mesmerizing shoes of Madonna’s Truth or Dare Fall 2012 Shoe Collection, and see for yourself.

Amazed, huh! I bet you were; this is Madonna’s Truth or Dare shoe collection for the fall of 2012. It really is not only a truth but also a dare. The collection includes over 60 styles, ranging from flats to high above the knee boots with edgy-chicness, daring sexuality and fascinating confidence. The cost of the shoes will range from $89-$350, but they are all worth saving for. Just when you thought this would be the end: in 2013 she plans on styling leg wear and accessories, which will be perfect for this collection.

As you take a look at the collection you feel the sexy and sensual vibe that the shoes bring out, just imagine yourself for a second wearing one of these and then make your decision. For instance, I absolutely adore the one in the third picture, high heeled- very elegant and sexy, and with flowery design- very feminine and warm (I’m imagining myself wearing them right now). It takes a real talent to be able to combine these and have an awesome result, take a peek again. Or the high above the knee boots; could this get any better?! It’s so sexy, elegant, daring and ravishing, woooow, they are to die for.

This shoe collection is the perfect way to mark oneself in the fashion world. As she enters the industry of the fashion world with such a daring step, Madonna will definitely make a mark of hers in the latter. She has a full insight of what a modern confident and sexy woman desires and needs these days. The shoes feature studs, lace, gold trims, metallic parts- so they give the sexy and classic styles at the same time. Well, If I may say, Madonna’s doing a very good job and these shoes are totally worth considering for.

So, my dear ladies, choose your favorite shoe, wear it daringly, get out there and let’s make those guys’ heads turn!!!

Photos by Thomas Iannaccone via WWD