The year 2012 is predicted to be promising. As the year approaches, new trends and fashion styles arrive. Accessories are an important item in women’s as well as men’s closet. Men’s accessories don’t differ as much from 2011; simply a few changes have been made. Now, let’s have a look.

First, let’s start with leather card holders; there are many kinds of card holders according to the use, size and shape, common for work places, companies, factories, hospitals. The forthcoming year brings out the leather card holders into fashion trend; these are more elegant and beautiful. With a variety of shapes, colors and sizes you can choose the one to your liking.
Belts have always been essential items for a complete and elegant look. Whether worn over or under clothes, always make sure to match them with your clothes. Most of men’s belts are made of leather or thick plastic; both are fashionable for 2012 as well, so if you have them in your closet now, you’ll surely use them next year.

Sunglasses never go out of style; this accessory is for all the four seasons. It gives a lot of style, attraction and luxury. With Giorgio Armani’s and Christian Dior’s 2012 trends, you boys can get perfect sunglasses which will give you trend, fashion and style.
As far as it goes to watches, they are definitely included in the list of fashion accessories for 2012. From Zenith to Rolex, Omega to A Lange & Söhne, you see a great variety for latest trends in wrist wear; you will find something to fit your wardrobe.
Last, but not least, ties are also trendy for 2012: this accessory is one of the most important and dominant items in men’s clothing. If you don’t wear ties, try making a habit to wear at least once a week. Remember, they give you a sexy, elegant and very handsome look, regardless of style preference.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images