Accessories are a must every season, as they become a perfect finish for our outfits. The new season brings a rich cavalcade of accessories, among which no one can underestimate the importance of handbags. They are yet one of the most essential accessories, which not only serve as a means of carrying our belongings with us, but also complete our look with a chic and elegant touch.
One of the most impressive and dynamic handbag collections of the season is the Moschino Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 bag collection, which skillfully manages to cover the major bag trends of the season, bringing a variety of styles and designs. So if you aren’t aware of the handbag trends for fall/winter 2011/2012, take a look at the collection and pick up your favorites.
Nude colors: Nude colors are very hot this year. We see lots of clothing pieces, shoes, handbags and accessories of this color flooded in almost all designer collections. Nude handbags look amazing and chic, granting us with that versatility we usually expect from handbags.

Floral Prints: The floral obsession started yet in the beginning of spring and it is going to stay trendy for an indefinite period. So if you like this pattern and strive to boost romanticism and the dreamy flair in you, go for a Moschino handbag with these amazing prints.

Combination of Colors: The burst of colors was born together with floral prints and it flawlessly transfers into the fall season, letting us keep that joyful and cheerful atmosphere, peculiar to summer. This trend was also reflected on handbag designs, so if you obtained one for summer, don’t put it far away.

Chain handles – a la Chanel: Chanel handbags are the most refined and elegant pieces, every voguish fashionista strives to get. So it’s not actually surprising that many designers used chain handles in their bag designs, which is the symbol of Chanel bags. If you have long desired to obtain a Chanel bag, but could never afford it, you can make a good investment for your wardrobe now by opting for a cute handbag with chain handles.

Entire world is with you: There can hardly be any person, who wouldn’t like to travel and see such world-famous sights, as Eiffel Tower or Westminster Abbey. Moschino bags give you this chance, only there is no need to buy an airline ticket and go anywhere. A handbag with these amazing prints will instantly bring your favorite sight to you.
So varied, functional, trendy and chic, the Moschino Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 bag collection will appeal to a huge group of fashionistas. So browse through the catchy designs and select your best matches.

Photo courtesy of Moschino