A true voguish fashionizer never forgets about her fashion accessories, and especially handbags. A handbag should be not only a means of carrying the most important things with you, but also a part of your outfit, something which completes your look and makes you appear more dapper and stylish. Nowadays there are various handbag designs for various occasions, of various colors, fabrics and styles. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stuff your wardrobe with a myriad of bags; all you need for a voguish appearance is having some essential pieces that can harmoniously go with your outfits of various styles.

The latest fashion tendencies have brought different cool, classic or vintage handbag designs, which perfectly complete your trendy summer outfits. There is no need to spend millions of dollars on your handbags: the accent should be laid not on the price, but on the quality and design. To have a better imagination of the must-have summer 2011 bags in your closet, here are some fashion ideas.
Cross body bags
Cross body bags are the selection of many stylish girls, as they are just cool and fantastic, combining style and comfort in them. They perfectly go with your casual and casual-chic outfits and give a girlish and flirty vibe to your appearance. There are various cross body bag styles, such as vintage-inspired ones with rounded edges or cool boxy styles that have an edgier feel. They especially look stylish with a chain design. You can choose small cross body bags or medium ones, paying attention to your outfits and silhouettes.

Bright bags
Color blocking is a must this season, so why not to go colorful with your handbags! There are so many catchy hues now, letting you experiment with a great color scale. Go for neon yellow, fuchsia, neon green, neon orange, vivid red and other flashy shades. You can choose a satchel style neon bag with sharp, graphic lines or a girlish cross body bag, giving freedom to your hands.

Clutches are the best handbags, going with your casual and formal wear. Every single woman should have at least one clutch design in her wardrobe to ensure she has something to carry with her evening cocktail dress. This year you can choose a simple clutch design or a more embellished one, such as that with ruffles. Now it’s not obligatory to match your clutch with your footwear, but on the contrary it’s advised to mix/match various styles with each other.

Classic style bags
A classic bag always comes to save you from your fashion dilemmas, completing your formal, semi-formal and elegant outfits. They all look great despite the style and design, such as sweet lady bags and box shaped ones. Classic handbags are timeless, so go bold to invest a good classic handbag, which will definitely be a long time investment.

Photos via asos.com, topshop.com