It’s always noted what presidential candidates and their wives are wearing. We know immediately what designers they donned during public appearances, which often results in huge sales among shoppers. Aside from dressing the figures themselves, designers are finding new ways to be inspired by political candidates too. They’re incorporating candidates’ names and faces into accessories that are getting plenty of attention thanks to opinionated celebrities.

For instance, Beyoncé recently stepped out in New York wearing a pair of hoop earrings with an Obama charm dangling inside of them. We all know by now that the singer and her husband Jay-Z are huge fans of the president and First Lady Michelle Obama, but Beyoncé wastes no opportunity to express her love for the couple. The gold earrings cost $32 and were designed by Erika Peña as a part of the jewelry designer’s Obama collection.

Several other stars have also shown their support for Obama through their accessories. They know they’ll be photographed, so they figure they might as well make their political views obvious. Sharon Stone recently stepped out in Beverly Hills carrying a bag emblazoned with a graphic print of Obama’s face. Sarah Jessica Parker was photographed earlier this month with a large “Viva Obama” badge pinned to her jacket. Eva Longoria wore a badge too at an Obama for America Women’s Summit event back in August.

Katy Perry pulled out all the stops this week to show her support for the president. Instead of just finishing her outfit with an Obama accessory, she wore a whole dress dedicated to him. During her performance at a Las Vegas rally, the singer wore a latex dress made to look like a voting ballot that made it very clear who Perry would be voting for!

What do you think of the political accessories popping up everywhere? Are they a good way to express your support for a presidential candidate, or should you leave your political opinions out of your wardrobe choices?