As we look at the latest Ruthie Davis spring shoes collection for 2012, we feel the presence of spring more. It’s safe to say that she has reached the apogee of her uniqueness and authenticity. Take a look at the shoes collection to feel the heat.
This spring collection is full of bubbly, shiny-bright colors, edgy spikes, bold lines, gold studs in rock’n’roll style (that’s right it’s back again), mosaic, gorgeous heels, rainbow colored pumps and most interestingly- stitches; it’s the highlight of the collection and they are absolutely dashing. The carefully thought details give a new idea and sophistication to what is and should be fashionable. These shoes are the perfect addition to your wardrobe collection; whether you’re getting ready for casual or glamorous evening- this is the collection to consider for.

I would like to bring to your attention the Prefab in Gold and Coral: a beautiful silhouette of brown, gorgeously harmonized pink and gold colors give a light and sweet atmosphere to the shoe. As far as heels go, well, it’s the intricate design of extravaganza and dazzle.
Surprisingly, the variety of colors and highlights, stripes and stitches merge together fluently and make up a suitable tone to fit to the design of the shoe- high-heel or strappy sandal, and both coincide formal and informal styles. So, with Ruthie Davis spring 2012 shoe collection you can have a chic office footwear during the day and a glamorous one in the evening. Timing couldn’t be better- it’s spring outside and it’s up to you to bring it to your wardrobe with Ruthie Davis Spring 2012 collection.
I absolutely adore this collection; it’s the highlight of femininity and sexuality- it boosts your confidence and makes you feel glamorous as ever.
You may need to have some walking skills for these, but they are totally worth learning for.

Photos courtesy of Ruthie Davis