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Sir Philip Green, the CEO at Arcadia which owns high street store Topshop, has denied that Kate Moss’ collection for the high street chain sold badly this time around. Kate released a new line, as she has many times previously, in spring this year, but many items appeared to have been left over and ended up in the summer sale recently – enough to gain attention that perhaps the line wasn’t a sell-out hit. Green has commented that it was still a big success and that simply they used the sale to clear everything remaining:

”The range was very, very successful and we waited until the end of the season to clear whatever was left. No more complicated than that.”

He added that there is no link between what ends up in the sale section and how good a collection has sold because nothing sells “100 per cent” and those products simply don’t exist. He says it could easily happen for any other brand and not an indication of failure:

”There’s nothing untoward, whether it’s got Kate Moss in it, or any other brand, what we’ve got left at the end of season around the globe, we sell. There’s nothing that sells 100 per cent, whatever it is – it doesn’t exist in any business.”

Speaking on if he hopes to work with the big name British model on another collection for Topshop in the future, Green says it hasn’t yet been discussed at this point:

”I don’t know, I haven’t decided. We haven’t had that conversation yet.”