If you are a walking fashion faux pas then listen up; there are no longer any excuses for ugly clothing combinations or accessories best left on the set of Eastenders with the latest and best fashion apps having all the information required to turn fashion disasters into fashionistas.


Help is literally at hand with apps available for download onto hand held smartphones and tablets.

If you are entirely clueless when it comes to the fashion world then perhaps the best place to start is the Fashion Terms app. For 69p users will have access to an A-Z fashion bible of useful terms, descriptions and pictures, after all, you do need to get ready to give those shop assistants a run for their money.


To find your style and the clothes that you like the look of, download Style.com and Chic Feed. Style.com is a great app for finding out what is going on in the fashion world; discover the hottest trends on the catwalk, see what takes your fancy and what styles you think might suit you. Next, use the Chic Feed app to discover how you can translate those catwalk trends into your everyday life through inspiring images taken from sites such LookBook, The Satorialist and Face Hunter.


If you have been using a lack of time as an excuse not to kick your wardrobe into shape then you will certainly benefit from downloading the ShopStyle app. Here visitors can alleviate time wasted trawling the shops in the local high street with access to 2000 brands waiting with the click of a button. Similarly, if a lack of funds has been holding you back then this app will allow you to set alerts when that fabulous item of clothing you have been mulling over goes into the sale.


It looks like you are going to be pretty much glued to your smartphone on your quest for fashionista status so it is going to have to be a good one; don’t be pulling a tatty old phone out of your new fabulous handbag sweetie. Take advantage of upgrading your Dialaphone mobile phones and match your new gadget to your new wardrobe.