Now, we are going to talk about every woman’s passion- bags, and not just bags, but Jimmy Choo bags. Oh, I got chills by just looking at the collection itself. So, let’s take a peek at the new Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2012 Handbags.
We get a very large range of clutches and tote bags inspired by the 70s sportswear and the cult of the cosmo fashionista. Apparently, Jimmy Choo did solve the fashion dilemmas of rising “it” girls and modern women.

Infused with voguish fabrics and polish shades, we can really experience the casualty of the bags. Whether you’re looking for an evening style or a formal daily bag- it’s a two in one. Two-tone vibrant silhouettes, glamorous python, electric accessories mixed with elegant vibes- it’s all you can find in the new collection. The upcoming season promises to be exciting and unique- just like the bags.
So prep yourself up for some retro-chic for the upcoming season.

Image courtesy Jimmy Choo