We’ve made it through the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean there are no other gift-giving occasions coming up soon. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, or maybe you have to buy a wedding gift for a couple that’s tying the knot. What’s one of the trickiest gifts to figure out though? What to give your boyfriend for his birthday! Check out the list below for some suggestions.


Clothing is always an option as a gift for your boyfriend. Give him an oxford or polo shirt from this supplier of embroidered company apparel. Embroidered oxford and polo shirts are particularly great for promotional and marketing purposes for your boyfriend’s career. He can maintain a business casual look for work while staying stylish too. These shirts are perfect for giveaways too, so all the men in your life and your boyfriend’s coworkers or friends can enjoy the clothing too!


What are some other fashionable choices for your boyfriend’s birthday present? Well, you could pick out a watch for him. A stylish watch is the perfect mix of form and function – your man will always be on time, but the accessory will look great on his arm too.


As for other accessories to buy your boyfriend for this birthday, leather goods including shoes and wallets are great options as well. Some men are as particular about their wallets as women are about their bags, so make sure to pick one you know he’ll love. As for a pair of shoes, your boyfriend can always use a quality pair of shoes. You might as well make sure his soles are stylish!


Cologne makes for another great birthday present for boyfriends. Not only can you make sure your man looks good in a new outfit, but you can also guarantee that he smells good!


Tech gifts are a good choice too! Buy your boyfriend the newest iPhone or iPad  if he’s into all the latest innovations in the world of phones and computers. What about a newly released game system or video game he wants to play? If your boyfriend is into gaming, this will definitely provide hours of entertainment. Pick up an iPod or a subscription to a music streaming service if he can’t get enough of his favorite tunes.