Footwear has always been the finishing touch of any look, being a highly important detail in one’s style. For every single voguish girl it’s highly important to have amazingly fashionable shoes of various styles that will go with different outfits and for this reason WhyWho has decided to create a new enchanting world of shoes for women to help them find their perfect match. WhyWho brings the retro style back in its spring/summer 2011/2012 shoe collection, which can be described by elegance and casualness, innocent and fun approach. The designs are perfect for a casual wear, so discover the power of the Mods, Rocker-chic and Preppy styles and choose the shoes, matching your personality and overall image.

WhyWho is a shoe brand in New Zealand, designed by two sisters, Cate King and Sarah Busby, who always manage to transform their unique fantasies to every single shoe design. Each design draws its inspiration from East Coast life and is characterized by a high dose of vintage vibe, reflected on the soles of the shoes, the color choices and fabric used.
The WhyWho spring/summer 2011/2012 shoe collection screams innocence and boldness, bringing vintage-inspired footwear, such as t-bar sandals, Edwardian boots and other fascinating designs. Different small elements recall the ‘60s style, when teenagers were trying to show off their rebellious side and create a unique image. The shoes have their own names, which are youthless, juvenile, bootleg easy, doll face, bossy bootie, duo t-bone, day dreamer sandal, lost soul clog, runaway clog, sultry sandal, drifter, carefree creeper, sifty canvas hightops.

The main fabrics used are leather, suede, cotton and canvas for the inside and outside of the shoes and rubber and wood for the sole. As for the color choice, you can see blacks, soft shades of beige, pink or brown, as well as impressive prints. These shoes have been designed especially for girls, who know what they want from fashion and style, so if you belong to this group, go bold and make your outfits complete with a pair of WhoWhy amazing shoes!

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