In the “rush” after those pieces of clothing that distinguish a remarkable outfit from a common one, most of us tend to follow certain misconceptions that prevent us to exploit both our bodies and our imagination. Here are some mistakes we usually do when we’re attempting to be fashionable.

Denim on denim, do or don’t?

Denim clothes are, and always will be fashionable. We all have at least one pair of regular jeans in our wardrobes that we can wear with any type of top, but never with a denim shirt. Bu why? Because we are afraid of this combination, and this prevents us from daring. An important trick, when it comes to denim on denim, is to choose different shades. Wear dark jeans with a denim shirt in a different hue.

Fake designer bags are a huge don’t, fake diamond studs are a huge do

10 mistakes you make when you want to be fashionable

…as long as they are of a reasonable size. Statement necklaces made of such stones will look great in combination with an over-sized shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. These accessories can radically transform an outfit and show you off. So leave aside your inhibitions and stand out with the help of your accessories.

Envelope bags: should you wear them during the day?

Even though it may seem strange, envelope clutches are a very chic alternative to over-sized bags, perfect for a walk around town or a coffee trip with your friends. In these cases it’s completely useless to carry a huge bag all over town, just because it fits with the rest of the outfit. Envelope clutches will give a certain elegance to your outfit, but they won’t take it out from the casual wear sphere, if you wear them with flat shoes.

Think outside the box: sequins for day

We live with the idea that sequins can be only worn for events that require a specific dress code, events that in our imagination can only take place in the evening. We couldn’t be more wrong! Sequined clothes are perfect for day to day outfits. So, don’t hesitate, and go out shopping right now!

The more you own, the less you wear

One of the biggest mistakes we commit when it comes to shopping is that we never get out of our comfort zone and we always end up buying clothes that resemble each other. Our wardrobe becomes a monotonous one, and we risk never standing out or impressing by the way we dress.

Color-blocking: how to use strong colors?

If we learned anything about the phenomenon of color-blocking is that a strong color can look even better if we combine it with another strong color. Choose a silk emerald green shirt and pair it with suede fuchsia heels and a leather yellow clutch. Be creative, play with colors! Don’t limit yourself to the usual color combinations!

Mixed prints: yes or no?

10 mistakes that you make when you want to be  fashionable

“Can I wear several prints in the same outfit?” is the question many of us linger on at least once in a lifetime. The answer is yes! The combination of prints can look very fresh and you can turn a normal outfit into an original one in no time. If you don’t want to fail, stick to the basic rules.

Sport or not?

What it would be like to give up elegant and office outfits for one day, and adopt a sporty style? During this period, both major fashion houses and mass-market brands gave us this opportunity. Trousers, sportswear, sport shoes and over-sized shirts with various messages will look chic and will be easily combined in ways that we never considered. So get out of your shell and dedicate a day to embracing diversification.

Horizontal stripes – excess or need?

10 mistakes you make when you want to be fashionable

A universal cliché is that horizontal stripes make you look “fat”. In other words, “fuller” women shouldn’t wear this kind of print because it would be to their disadvantage.  Completely wrong! We all know that a tight dress with horizontal stripes will look good on women with athletic figures, but other pieces of clothing with this print can be worn by anyone, as long as they fit their silhouette. So, you should definitely avoid such clichés.

Retro and modern

Even if the retro style is back in fashion, it is important to remember one thing: never fully go retro. Why? Because you can give the impression that you are wearing a 10 year old suit. What to do in this case? Simple! Combine the famous retro style with a modern one. A midi skirt can be easily worn with a short leather jacket and a pair of stiletto shoes.