Keeping up with the latest fashions and carrying out the trends in style is never easy or cheap. However, Neverland Store  does make it easy to see the latest styles. Once you find your style, it can be hard to keep everything looking new. That is why these fashion hacks will help save you time and money while staying at the top of your fashion game. Here are 20 easy how to tips that will keep your fashion sense sharp and looking your best:

1.Removing Deodorant Stains:

removing deodorant stain

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A baby wipe will remove deodorant stains. If you don’t have a baby wipe, a drier sheet will also do the trick. Another website,  says to rub the deodorant mark with your jeans to remove it. Chances are you will have at least one of those 3 on hand to remove those pesky deodorant marks from ruining your look.

2.Making a Bra Work with a Strapless Dress:

Strapless Dress


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With spring already here, it’s time to break out those spring dresses and summer style. When you find a bra that works with a backless or halter dress, cut it out and sew it into the dress. Never worry about the straps or finding the right bra again

3.Hairspray Prevents Runs in Tights:

Hairspray Prevents Runs in Tights


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Tights are always a fun way to complete a look, but runs ruin that look very fast. Spray hairspray over your tights to prevent them from running.

4.Nail Polish Stops Runs in Tights:

nail polish


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If you didn’t know about the hairspray trick or you still ended up with a run in your tights or stockings, clear nail polish will help stop the run from increasing.

5.Suede Cleaner:

nail file to clean dirt off of suede


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Use a nail file to clean dirt off of suede.

bread cleans suede

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Another unlikely resource for cleaning suede is the crust of stale bread.

6.Iron Free Wrinkle Remover:

no iron shower


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Hang your wrinkled shirt in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. The steam will get the wrinkles out.

7.Eliminate Green Stains from Rings:

nail polish rings

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Do you get green stains or marks on your skin from wearing rings? Pain the inside of your rings with clear nail polish to stop this from happening. This works with earrings and necklaces too.

8.Prevent Your Clothes from Falling off Hangers:

hangar help


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This extremely quick clothing hack will prevent your clothes from ending up falling off the hangers and lying on the closet floor. Two rubber bands on each side of the hanger will create enough traction or stickiness to keep clothes from falling off.

9.Get Rid of Shoe Odors:

Shoe odors


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Shoe odors or gym bag odors might not interfere with your style, but they can hinder your confidence levels. Use this easy trick to keep your shoes and gym bag smelling fresh.

7.Heel Makeover:

heel makeover


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The bottoms of your heels can get pretty banged up and look bad even though they are still perfectly fine. Adding some glitter is a great way to glam up an old pair of heels and cover up the damage at the same time.

11.Remove Oil Stains:

baby powder oil stain


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Oil stains are usually some of the worst stains to get out of your clothing. Take baby powder or absorbent talcum powder and sprinkle generously over the oil stain. It will soak up the oil overnight and you can wash it out then.

12.Stop Angora Sweater Shedding:

Angora Sweater Shedding


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Angora sweaters are known for being soft and fuzzy. However, they can often be a little too fuzzy with the shedding. Put your sweater in a plastic bag and put it in the sweater for an hour before wearing it, this will stop the shedding.

13.Easy Bra Repair:

Easy Bra Repair


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If you have a wire sticking out in your favorite bra and just aren’t ready to part ways with it yet, use mole skin to cover the wire and give some extra life to your favorite bra.

14.Tucking Non-Skinny Jeans into Boots:

14.	Tucking Non-Skinny Jeans into Boots


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If you want to wear your boots and your jeans are not skinny jeans style, you can still get away with this look by following the step-by-step instructions illustrated above to tuck non-skinny jeans into your boots.

15.Sweater Sock Look:

Sweater socks


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Sweater socks look really great with your boots and leggings, but they certainly are not the most comfortable. Instead of worrying about bunched up socks, cut up the sleeves of an old sweater and utilize them as look-a-like socks.

16.Stretching Shoes that are too Small:

Stretching Shoes


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Shoes often shrink up, sometimes our feet get bigger or swell up. An easy and inexpensive (almost free) way to stretch them is to put water in bags and fit them into your shoes, and then freeze them. The ice expands, stretching your shoes.

17.Remove Underarm Stains:

Underarm stains


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Underarm stains are one sign of hard work that you don’t want evidence of. Before washing a shirt with underarm stains, spray it with lemon juice and then wash as usual.

18.Remove Red Wine Stains:

Remove Stains


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This could make you feel like you are throwing good wine after bad, but white wine will help you remove red wine stains.

19.Remove Water Marks on Leather:

remove water stains on leather


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Mix vinegar and cold water to remove water stains on leather.

20.Preserve Your Ironing Job:

Ironing Job

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Let the pressing settle into your clothes. After ironing your clothes, wait a few minutes before putting them on.

hair straightener


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Another ironing hack, use a hair straightener to iron those difficult to reach collars.



Following these 20 tips will keep you on top of the styles and looking good for less. These are some simple, yet effective ways to cut corners and still focus on fashion, especially when something goes wrong like a stain or a wrinkle. Share your fashion tips and hacks with us!