Fashion trends come and go so quickly that we have to buy new clothing pieces every single season to look stylish and dapper. So you have probably bought a bunch of new clothes for summer 2011 and with days getting cooler you’ll certainly pack them up and go shopping again. However, everyone would like to get as much use out of the things they buy as possible, even the trendy stuff.

Some trends were born especially for summer 2011 and will die with it. Anyways, why not benefit from certain things that will be in fashion in the cool season as well? With these three things, you are sure to be fashionable in the new season too.
1. Bright Accessories: When the cold and gloomy season is approaching, our outfits and accessories usually start fading just as quickly as the tan on our skin disappears. However the new fashion trends promise a colorful fall, letting us transfer the bright bags and even shoes we bought in summer into fall. So no need to put aside your bright accessories, as they’ll certainly spice up your fall looks too.

2. Feminine Florals: Floral prints made it big in spring and even survived to summer, creating a real floral revolution in the warm season. So why stop here? Floral prints make one of the hottest tendencies of the upcoming fall season as well. Match your stylish floral-printed summer blouse with dark jeans, stacked heels and edgy accessories and you’ll make a real fashion statement in the gloomy season.

3. Stacked Jewelry: This summer was also spotted for the over accessorizing trend. Girls opted for multiple rings and bracelets, wearing them at the same time for a bohemian effect. If you are much into this style, just rejoice, as fall 2011 enables us take this trend with us, since stacked jewelry looks amazing in combination with trendy jeans.
Take a breath of summer with you into fall and create a dazzling fall look with these three summer trends!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images