I believe it is safe to say that everybody loves and wears jeans; they are stylish, practical and the motto of “a new generation”. However, sometimes it can be really toughie to purchase the right pair of jeans that will flatter you the most. So, here are a few steps that might help you buy one;

1. check the fit of the waist band; at the back of the jeans, the waistband should sit close to the body; muffin top looks good on no one
2. look for straight lines (straight, symmetrical lines show that the jeans were well made and that they fit the body correctly)
3. a skinny cut is always more flattering on all body types, elevating the body and giving longer legs
4. look for a fuller figure if you have a full figure; a high rise will fit correctly on the bottom and will give you more curve without giving you more hips
5. look for good quality fabric; you want to make sure you can have them for a while. Feel the fabric closely, if it has too much stretch to it, it will lose shape too quickly.
A perfect pair of jeans is something you hold on to as it never fails to make you feel great and comfy, so before going shopping make sure to review the tips mentioned above provided by denim expert and Brand Manager of Diesel Australia, Mark Giuffre.
On a personal note, I recently bought a pair of jeans after reading the tips and I must say it was very helpful for me; I’m sure it’ll be the same to you. So, big thanks to Mr Giuffre and will be looking forward to more tips on choosing denim.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images