alexacPhoto: Zimbio

Stylish tv host, author and designer Alexa Chung recently hinted that she may be about to launch her own label in the future. When pressed for more details however, Alexa says it hasn’t yet moved forward and her plans aren’t progressing right now even though so many were excited by the news:

“I regret saying that [I was planning to do one] because now everyone is waiting with bated breath and I don’t have any news for them sadly.”

Opening up on if her style changed after she turned 30, Alexa says that it hasn’t so far but she thinks her tastes will eventually mature with age:

“It changed overnight, I suddenly feel like I’m ancient, I woke up and was 30 and was like, shit, I can’t wear any of this anymore. [Just kidding.] It’s the exact same actually, I think so far, it’s been six months into 30, so maybe it will seep in as I get older, but no it hasn’t occurred to me to switch yet.”

Commenting on if being called an ‘IT’ girl past the age of 30 annoys her, Alexa reveals that it doesn’t effect her because it’s never a title she’s fully taken to heart, so she doesn’t mind and always took it as a big compliment whenever she was given that label:

“It doesn’t offend me because that’s an outside label that’s being projected onto me, it doesn’t have anything to do with how I exist on a daily basis or how I interact with my friends, so as much as it it’s been flattering, especially in my younger years… because I never paid it too much attention and never gave it too much credit or weight, it similarly can’t affect me too much when I start outgrowing it. I’ve never fully embraced that, but I could see how that might be condescending and weird, but I don’t find it offensive. Do people refer to me as a girl?”