annawPhoto: TheGrindstone

Vogue editor Anna Wintour has slammed how celebrity-focused the fashion world has become (even though she puts countless celebrities on the cover of Vogue and thus contributed to the problem). Addressing the fashion design students at London’s famous fashion school Central Saint Martins, Anna commented that the red carpet itself has become a business because celebrities are now being paid to wear certain designers and it has ruined any aspect of individuality when it comes to star style:

”The red carpet, in the United States, has become too much of a business. It’s a fact that celebrities are paid to wear everything, and to me that sometimes comes across as very manufactured and not individual.”

Anna also thinks celebrities are afraid of standing out too much for their fashion choices and she thinks people need to be braver and try new things:

”And they’re so scared of being criticized, whereas, you know, what’s wrong with looking different? How many mermaid fishtail strapless sequin [gowns] can we see?”

She made a cutting remark about how the budding designers at the school were needed to create better clothes for events:

”I was just recently at the Tony Awards in New York, and, God, they need your help. Let me tell you, it was a disaster…”

Wintour added that she thinks celebrities also listen to too many people because they’re worried about criticism:

“Celebrities have all these teams of people telling them what to do; what to wear; how to do their hair, makeup. And they’re scared of being criticized.”