Subtle animal prints have become so commonplace that they’re often treated like neutrals, so designers have been forced to find new ways to incorporate animal-inspired designs in to their collections each season. The trend may have gotten a little too extreme for Fall 2013 though.

At the Moncler show held today in Paris, humans dressed as animals and actual animals paraded down the runway. Models were first sent out with leashed Siberian huskies and then walked with and hugged people dressed up as polar bears during the show’s finale. At some point, some of the Huskies were also let loose on the runway, which provided a great moment to capture via social media. While it didn’t involve animals, male models also zip-lined down the center of the runway, which made the show that much more outlandish.


Celebrities are already hopping on the animal bandwagon, much to the chagrin of PETA and other animal rights organizations. Instead of walking around with live leashed animals, they’ve been picking out clothing and accessories made of authentic animal skins. Beyoncé recently came under fire after it was revealed that a pair of Isabel Marant shoes custom-designed for her contained several different animal skins. The “King Bey” sneaker wedges, customized by design house PMK, are made of calf’s fur, Stingray, Ostrich, Crocodile, and Anaconda and were created to mimic the singer’s “sweet and fierce persona.” PMK was forced to make a statement that the skins used for the shoes were all obtained from “a legal supplier in New York” and that no animals were “beaten, harmed, or killed” during the process of creating the sneakers.


Kim Kardashian has also been spotted embracing the trend by wearing fur while in Paris for Fashion Week. She wore a fur wrap and also carried a fur clutch in the City of Lights.


There were plenty of animal prints (on models – not on actual animals) on the rest of the Fall 2013 runways too. They were much bolder than usual though, which still lends itself to this extreme animal trend. In New York, animal prints were sent down the runway at DKNY, Diane von Furstenberg, Tracy Reese, and more. The trend continued in London with Burberry Prorsum and Tom Ford, while the Givenchy collection shown in Paris included sweatshirts printed with Bambi motifs.


So what’s your take on the trend? Will be you wearing your fur coat and snakeskin shoes come Fall, will you stick to wearing traditional textiles printed with bold animal prints, or will you ignore animal prints completely?