With the new season here, the first thing you should do is get rid of everything you don’t need in your closet and update your look according to the newest trends. If vintage is your style, you certainly have something to learn from the new ASOS Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Lookbook, so check it out and make your pick!
The best look is the one reflecting the latest trends, as well as your personality, without lacking practicality and comfort. ASOS pays a great attention to this factor and brings a rich line of clothing, from classic to contemporary, that will match any style and preferences. Become a real fashion icon by drawing inspiration from the looks presented in the ASOS Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Lookbook.

The cold season is usually toning things down, which however doesn’t mean that you should go all monotonous and forget about bright accessories and pieces that will spice up your looks in an original way. Fashion rules are created to be broken, so don’t be afraid of being bold and creative and start layering in the most surprising ways. If you lack imagination, learn it from ASOS and dress up or dress down, getting new looks worthy of all praises.
Even though vintage is one of the main trends of the season, it’s not necessary to go all vintage and boring. You can make things more interesting by mixing various styles with each other, like vintage skirts and blouses or trenches with stylish knee/ankle length socks and biker-chic boots or vintage platform sandals. Knitwear and things with masculine accents, as well as glam glitzy items dressed down with nice sweaters can really make a difference and create a unique look, filled with personality.
Don’t hesitate to explore the magical world of fashion and leave your own stamp on outfits, as original outfits are what will make you look like an original style icon. Take ASOS’s fall/winter 2011 lookbook for inspiration and bring out the best in you through your new clothing pieces.

Photo courtesy of ASOS