The first impression is considered as the “long-lasting” impression. In order to make yourself appeal to others, to be the centre of attraction or to grab the attention of the people around, one needs to keep herself updated with the eye catching urban fashion trends. To stay the stylish eye-candy in her acquaintance, one has to keep up with fashion trends, make-up techniques and hairstyles that the celebrities all across the globe adorn themselves with, that helps them to be the ‘Style Symbols’.

Not just the females but also the men now-a-days need to keep themselves au fait with the latest fashion trends including the apparels, fashion make-up and the popular yet edgy fashion hairstyles. Whether it be the pop stars creating a statement with their choice of clothes or shoes or the different designers making their way to various esteemed fashion weeks, one needs to know it all.

With different urban fashion trends and styles emerging from the various experimental celebrities, one tends to get confused about whether to follow it or to shrug it off. But once you have the experts getting you the latest news on what’s hot and what’s not, you can never tend to go wrong. Whether it is a runway supermodel, you want to be updated about or your favourite movie stars, you get a track of all of their fashion statements, experimental or radical hairstyles. Read and relate to the featured buzzing new urban trends that seem to go viral in just a wink, literally.

The fashion lovers like you would definitely not want to miss on the latest fashion makeup trends hitting this season. For those who would not mind experimenting with their looks minutes after reading this article, dewy face is the latest one. Supple and naturally glowing sking is something that will be an eternal part of makeup. Paint yup your winter lips with colors like crimson and plum instead of neutral or baby pink shades. What will you witness? Plump lips which would definite make botox lips envious.


Another integral latest fashion makeup tip is to add color to your eyes with colorful eyeliner. Fresh eye colors like green or lilac paired with smudged eyeliner and fresh makeup base would just make you look stunning.

Are you missing out on the fashion hairstyles? Well go out for elegant halo bun. The key to this hairstyle is the hairspray. All you would need to do is spray light on the toothbrush and brush down to achieve the perfect look.

What rules the fashion industry is the topknot adorned by Jennifer Lopez. Look like her by placing the pointy bottom of your comb under the top layer of your hair and pulling it up towards the bun. Also, don’t miss out on the bangs that gives your face a chick and pretty look.

All the fashion junkies want to know what pattern or color is in, or what new styles do the veteran ‘style gurus’ suggest. What has created a stimulating statement in the fashion industry and which style from the past has blasted again in the present; find all such fashion updates related to nails, hairstyles, make-up and guide yourself to mix-and-match according to the fashion craze. Keep yourself in sync with the growing mania of urban fashion trends and stand-out of the crowd where-ever you go. News, updates and tips from the experts of the fashion industry, all available at just the click of a button.