Yes, you really have a good reason to worry about, as summer is just behind the door and you certainly need new outfits to embrace it in a unique and proper way. If you haven’t found a playful and cheerful collection, that could capture your heart at once, you have probably missed the latest collection of Bebe, called “Sun Kissed Style”. The name itself reveals so much about this new line of fantastic fashion pieces, all of which have a special mark of multicolored and multiprinted vibe. Let the waves and flicks rule in your summer wardrobe with the help of the bubblegum hues, catchy details and a retro touch, the Bebe summer 2011 campaign features.

The gorgeous Brazilian supermodel Cintia Dicker is shot in the advertising campaign, who seems to thoroughly suit the “Sun Kissed Style” of Bebe. She appears in silhouettes-embracing sexy lace dresses, pink knee socks paired with a cute dress of bold red and pink hues, cutout seductive jumpsuits, platform sandals, hats, mesmerizing jewelry, designer handbags, belts, chain bow clutches and other edgy accessories and fashion pieces.
A special retro flair dominates in the collection, bringing back the ’60s and ’70s fashion trends. Stripes, animal prints, bold reds and pinks, roses, bows and bold details are the main ingredients of the Bebe summer 2011 collection. Still if you aren’t that much into bolds and brights, you can have a look at the line of classic elements mainly of white and black colors. A plain white tuxedo skirt or a pair of white shorts will be the real deal on hot summer days.

No wonder the versatility of the Bebe summer 2011 “Sun Kissed Style” collection will let anyone find the matchy style and look fresh in the cheerful season of summer. No matter you are more into an edgy style or a more reserved one, you’ll definitely fall in love with all those feminine pieces, stunning handbags, footwear and chic accessories. Let the Bebe summer 2011 campaign put you on the right track of style and your voguish appearance is guaranteed.

Photo courtesy of Bebe