Lingerie is a passion you want to keep pursuing. Nearly all brands in the fashion industry have lingerie collections coming out seasonally and each time they are perfect (I don’t know how they do it, but I’m glad they do it). As far as lingerie producers go they really boggle with your mind. Besame is one of them; their collections are always stylish and modern, sexy and exquisite, erotic and luxurious. The Besame fall/winter 2011-2012 collection is no exception; it has lingerie sets, babydolls, knickers, garter belts and many other alluring and gorgeous pieces.

Gorgeous Natalia Velez presents the new fascinating lingerie sets signed Besame and she’s doing a great job. The color combinations of the new Besame fall/winter 2011-2012 collection are very affectionate (mostly black and white with occasional rosy prints), the items are designed with incredible attention; the lingerie set looks perfect and lovely, making the woman feel more sexy and sensual. The one thing that caught my attention was the video which I didn’t really like; models wearing shoes with high heels and platforms standing in provocative position and so reminding us of something else. Due to this I couldn’t feel the sensuality and the sexuality of the lingerie collection. I felt it as I looked at the photos. Take a look at the video below and have your opinion, because as I said, this was my point of view.

The Besame brand has always created beautiful and unique lingerie pieces; with stone bands, stones and metal figures, embroidered details, ribbon and lace decorations, gilded figurines, making it to wear on special occasions. So let’s hope they keep up that way.


Photos courtesy of Besame