The most famous fashion designers usually draw inspiration from modern arts and the designer of Black Milk, James Lillis, decided to follow this fashion phrase and present a new line of leggings, covered with multiple cool prints. The Black Milk Clothing spring 2011 lookbook is an ultimate expression of art and fashion blend, coming in a variety of printed leggings, which will definitely become a must in every fashionista’s wardrobe. If you still have a conservative view about leggings, take a look at the new Black Milk collection and get inspired by a real art.

Leggings are in the list of trendiest clothing pieces of the season and, in general, they should be number one accessories in every fashionizer’s spring wardrobe. Obtain leggings of different colors and prints, and learn how to go bold with your look, highlighting your adventurer style and creativeness. If you don’t know how to sport leggings with your apparel, take a look at the photos and learn it from professional designers.

The Black Milk Clothing spring 2011 lookbook features a rich array of leggings, covered with zebra stripes, peacock and other animal prints, glam rock patterns, skulls, skeletons, dots and other edgy and catchy prints. And the multicolored leggings will inject a splash of colors into your apparel. Black Milk leggings are really eye-catching, bold accessories, capable to highlight your personality and interests at the best. Dive into the rich array of leggings designs, prints and patterns, and pick up the one, matching your silhouettes and style.

Photo courtesy of Black Milk Clothing