Summer is all about colors, fun, freshness, and the best way to embrace it is with block-color brights. It’s not news that fashion has granted us with a complete freedom in style combinations and this is especially interesting, when you fuse different vivid colors. The latest fashion collections come in extremely colorful fashion pieces and Blanco is perhaps the most colorful one among them. If you really want to keep up with this flashing trend, Blanco “Color Splash”summer 2011 collection will definitely help you. It presents a line of stylish fashion items with a rainbow color burst. Explore the world of colors and show your style talent by mix/matching various daring colors.

The super model Lais Ribeiro is featuring in the Blanco “Color Splash”summer 2011 campaign. David Dunan is on the other side of the lenses. The campaign is carried out on a cheerful background of pink, yellow and red colors. Every item comes in multicolored and multiprinted versions, like the mini dresses, shorts, pants, skirts and blouses. Kiss goodbye to your dull monotonous look and add a summerish colorful touch to your appearance. However, if you aren’t that much into colors, you can just flavor your outfits with some colored accessories from the Blanco “Color Splash”summer 2011 collection. A pair of pinky or vivid green shoes will undoubtedly be able to inject some interest into your appearance.

The entire collection is marked by stripes, stripes and, once again, stripes. They always look so sweet and trendy, especially this season, when various prints reign in fashion and style. There are stripes of various colors and widths on various fashion pieces, such as dresses, t-shirts, blazers, skirts and accessories.
Besides stripes, you can see lots of floral, animal, tropical and other catchy prints. Select a cute ladies dress covered with dazzling flowers or a sexy swimsuit with tropical embellishment to flaunt your great style-consciousness. You’ll encounter so many catchy designs and interesting combinations in the Blanco “Color Splash”summer 2011 collection, matching all your style demands and fantasies. A little flirty, a little girlish and surely ultimately voguish – these are the words, characterizing the new Blanco summer 2011 collection.

Photo courtesy of Blanco