Jeans are an integral part of every fashionable and modern girl’s or boy’s wardrobe. Even though the first jeans appeared in Africa and were considered exclusively as workwear, the skillful hands of designers have managed to do wonders with that item of clothing, and now a pair of beautiful and stylish jeans looks so elegant and in some cases, can be even considered as an evening wear. With each new collection designed by our favorite fashion houses newer designs of jeans appear, corresponding to the latest fashion tendencies. The practicality of jeans is that this material can perfectly go with a number of fabrics, whether it is knitting, satin, cotton, fur or silk. Also, denim looks good when combined with various matchy accessories.

For the reason of denim’s great popularity, the beloved Spanish fashion retailer Blanco decided to devote an entire collection to this timeless fabric, launching the Blanco “Rock Your Jeans” spring/summer 2011 lookbook. Featuring gorgeous Sheila Marquez and Vladimir Ivanov, the Blanco jeans spring/summer 2011 ad campaign brings the 1950’s American style in bold colors and slick denim in a nautical style. This retro-chic inspired lookbook was photographed by talented Hunter & Gatti, with Make Up and Hair done by Paco Garrigues. Together this gorgeous group managed to create a Rock-a-Billy styled atmosphere, where the dominant color is the vibrant and sexy red, where again we can see a hint of the Coca Cola bottle and where the sexy denim and cool cars produce an astonishing effect on the Pin up style photos.

The Blanco “Rock Your Jeans” spring/summer 2011 collection brings a cavalcade of retro denim pants for men and women, sexy denim dresses, skirts, jackets, shirts, accessorized by stylish footwear and catchy accessories. The denim jacket and socks look wonderful in combination with high heel pumps and the men’s jeans are fantastic with a plain white T-shirt. Blanco brings a line of sexy skinny jeans for girls, which will help them define their gorgeous silhouettes and create an A-list look. Never underestimate the practicality and great styling power of jeans and go denim with Blanco!


Photo courtesy of Blanco