The Bottega Veneta collection for fall/winter 2011/2012 is finally in the market. One of the most famous trends of Italian fashion has launched a new, very colorful set of women’s clothing. Inspired by the classic movie Red Desert (1964), Veneta represents us colorful (ranging from pale yellow to deep red and include topaz, resina, corniola, garnet and rust) and spicy, sexy, figure-hugging and elegant crocheted cardigans, knitted sweaters, skirts. Short dresses are more in batik-print, in woodland tones. The evening gowns are mesmerizing and completely worthy of an Academy Award (hand-painted gold, bronze, Jasper and champagne duchesse satin, tucked and folded into swirls, clean lines with elaborate surfaces). We also see a broad range of materials, form fuzzy woven wool blends to plush, waxed leather, and light sleek nylons and silk. The trend also defines itself with intricately woven leather handbags.
The collection is the height of luxury; with a full set of Bottega Veneta’s trend you can create this standard.

The Bottega Veneta fall/winter 2011-2012 collection for men is equally impressive. This is one-of-a-kind creative collaboration with extraordinary details and unusual construction of clothes and items. The trend is bright and moody, with bright shades of different and elaborately selected colors. The clothes tightly line the body and take out in its shape. The collection is fairly diverse; we see clothes altered form wool blends to waxed leathers, washed leathers, ultra-light silks and fine jersey knits.
Veneta considers how each item and curve might look, feel and function and in the result, the collection becomes taut and urban, with streamlined sensibility and sensuality. With a slight hint of exploration in to Arabian countries, the collection dashes with bold and bright colors.

Photos courtesy of Bottega Veneta