During Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring 2013 runway show last September, the models showed off more than just the designer’s clothes. They were among the first to wear Google’s Glass, the company’s newest high-tech gadget.


The glasses worn by the models have as much technology in them as a computer and are meant to function as a wearable one. In the left side of the glasses, there is a processor and battery like those contained in a smartphone. In the top left corner of the frames, there’s a small camera and tiny glass display screen that can be controlled with a touch pad on the leg of the glasses. There’s also a camera button and power button on the top of the glasses.


It may sound amazing to see digital information right in front of your eyes and to able to share exactly what you’re seeing with the world over the internet, but Google’s Glass aren’t the most subtle pair of glasses you’ll come across. Google is reportedly working hard to change this though. They’re negotiating a deal with Warby Parker, the glasses company known for their fashionable yet affordable frames. They currently sell a pair of glasses, including the prescription, for just $95 and donate a part of the proceeds to charity.


One of the head designers of Google’s glasses admitted last year during their runway debut that they were working to make Glass something everyone would want to wear. They were focused on removing everything they could remove without interfering with the specs’ functionality, but also admitted “beauty, style and comfort are as important to Glass as the latest technology.”

They must have locked in the perfect amount of technology because Google is now focusing on the style by teaming up with Warby Parker. The current version of the glasses cost $1,500, so we’re guessing Google will be working with the brand on offering the glasses at a lower price as well as with a better style.

Google has yet to comment on the collaboration with the glasses brand, but they did start a contest this week for anyone to offer suggestions about what they’d do if they had the glasses. They’re inviting potential buyers and fans of the gadget the chance to share their ideas on social media. Google will choose the best idea and the winner will be given the chance to purchase an early version of the glasses. We’re guessing they might want to wait until Google and Warby Parker create a cheaper and more stylish version!

What do you think of Google Glass? Will they become as commonplace as smartphones or are they too farfetched? We’ll have to wait and see what Google and Warby Parker come up with before making a decision about this gadget!