candicePhoto: Zimbio

Unlike some of the other Victoria’s Secret models who’ve admitted to dieting before the annual Victoria’s Secret show, South African beauty Candice Swanepoel says she tries to add some weight. The model says that she often feels very stressed out when the show is approaching and stress often leads to weight loss because she has a quick working metabolism. She says she tries to add some pounds to her frame to emphasize her curves:

 “I get nervous about three weeks before the show. Last year I had to take a week off, because I get really nervous and all the muscle that I’ve built up I lose it really quickly if I get stressed out. So I took my trainer to Brazil where I can eat a lot of meat because I like to be a little bigger for the show, just to feel sexier and more womanly.”

Candice explains she quickly loses weight, especially when she is on the road so much and can’t even work out:

 “I have a furious metabolism, especially when I travel so much. I can’t really do too much cardio or that sort of thing.”

The model adds that all of the girls in the show are conscious about how much of their body is on display and put in a lot of effort to get in top shape:

“It’s a big event for us. And you know you’re going to be wearing very little, and there’s going to be pictures all over the world the next day.”