caradPhoto: BrightYoungScribes

British model Cara Delevingne has hit back at Vogue journalist Plum Sykes, who originally called out the model for falling asleep twice and skipping two arranged interviews before eventually meeting her. The journalist wrote in the piece:

“To oversleep once for a Vogue interview may be regarded as a misfortune, but to oversleep twice looks like carelessness.”

Plum added that the model isn’t behaving responsibly and blames the fact that Cara was out until the early hours of the morning partying with celebrities before one of the planned interviews as the reason behind her missing it even though it had been booked in advance:

“This is what the wildly successful, hugely in-demand, overtired, overworked, supermodel and soon-to-be leading actress is really famous for in England: inspiring a new national sport, checking out what Cara Delevingne got up to the night before.”

Cara wasn’t about to take the criticism lying down (pun intended) and tweeted a series of tweets about the incident:

“Why do people in the industry lie so much???? They would rather see you fail than succeed. What happened to supporting each other. It’s even worse when your trying to fight people that have all the power because then you are powerless. All I can say is that I work extremely hard and ‘sleeping’ is proof that sometimes I work too hard. I apologise for being so ambitious.”

In the interview itself, Cara admits she can fall asleep quite recently, joking: “I fall asleep everywhere!” and “I am literally jet-lagged all the time.” Photographer Tim Walker also said in the profile piece that Cara has a tendency to sleep during shoots without warning.