davidgPhoto: Manofthecloth

British male model David Gandy is so often lauded for his preppy, masculine sense of style, but he says he doesn’t believe in fashion trends and prefers to just dress to please himself, selecting what makes him feel good. The model explains that he thinks mens style should be about what makes someone feel their best:

”I’m often asked what is on trend or in fashion and what should never be worn. The truth is, I simply don’t know. This may sound strange, but I don’t believe in trends. If something looks good to you and you’re comfortable and confident wearing it, then that’s all that matters.”

Opening up on diversity when it comes to style, David says that it’s all objective and just because one person doesn’t like an outfit, doesn’t mean it’s awful. He thinks everyone has something unique to offer when it comes to getting dressed and it’s what makes fashion interesting:

”Just because someone doesn’t like what someone else is wearing doesn’t mean it’s wrong. There are items of clothing that I would personally never wear, but it doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t. Diversity is what makes fashion interesting.”

David adds that people often can think something is a fashion faux pas, but when they examine it, they might see something differently or even turn the look in to a trend:

”Many years ago I went to a fashion meeting wearing jeans and a denim shirt. The look on the faces of the people in the meeting was of one of horror. ‘You never wear double denim!’ they told me, in no uncertain terms. A month later, Ralph Lauren showed a range that was based around the idea of double denim and, after that, people couldn’t get enough of it.”