Statistically, women are more interested in fashion than men: it’s common knowledge, we know that. Actually, only one out of ten men follow fashion and don’t hide that. Most men think, that it will make them less of a man. This is probably because they’re trying to be all “macho” about that stuff. However, one thing is for certain: if you follow fashion and dress according to the latest trends, you are still as mannish as ever. Try to take a few tips from those men who do follow fashion.

We’ll cover up some basics of fashion, just a few, no harm done to your manhood. Simply there are things that every man should know.
1. Don’t be afraid to experiment: take time to try on clothes you never thought about buying, just try them on and see how they fit: dare to change your style.
2. Keep it simple: don’t overdo your clothing; don’t wear more than three colors.
3. Find the perfect fit: clothes that are 3 or 4 sizes bigger, 1 or 2 sizes smaller, throw them away, this will just work for you. Too tight jeans look ridiculous; you probably won’t be able to move as well.
4. Add tailored pants and blazer to your closet; there’ll come the day, you will need them.
5. Own more than three suits: make it in your calendar to wear a suit at least once a week, the elegant style will not be left unnoticed in the eyes of women.
6. Shirts: don’t wear your sleeves too long or too short.
7. Shoes: pay attention to your shoes and they should be clean and tidy.
8. When shopping, follow someone’s advice (preferable someone who knows you).
9. Add accessories to your wardrobe: this year’s most fashionable accessories are a full sized umbrella, a briefcase, leather gloves, ties and scarves.
Try to spend some time advocating you dressing, who knows, you might have fun doing it. Good luck!

Photos courtesy of Getty Images