Rules; they’re standards for activities, statements of what may or may not be done and they are EVERYWHERE! Everything has rules, including, fashion. There are so many rules in this sphere that the mind boggles when you hear them. But sometimes, rules are for breaking. Here are some rules of fashion that are ok to not follow.

• Never wear white on Labor Day! (Oh, please, give me a break. If I want to wear white, I will wear white, why do I have to check my calendar before deciding on what color to wear.)
• Shoes and bags must always match. (Now, this is completely ridiculous. You know what, I never match them and guess what I still look fashionable and beautiful.)
• Never wear leather in summer. (Here’s what you should know – if you feel comfortable, then it means it’s good).
• Don’t wear red lipstick- it makes you look like a clown. (OMG, this is preposterous! Whoever said it is a complete moron, believe you me! If that shade looks good on you, then, be my guest, wear it with pride and pleasure).
Something that you should remember is that, nobody has the right to ban you from doing something you want, especially when it’s beautiful. Fashion makes you beautiful and you should be smart enough to make your own rules, remember, you are your own boss. So, ladies feel free and proud, get out there and start creating your own world of fashion with the rules that you approve of.
Fashion takes up a lot of hard work; the key thing to remember is that you can create your own rules, so good luck to you all!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images