Women always think that updating your look according to the latest fashion tendencies is all to get an attractive look and fascinate men with your style. Actually, you should always remember that fashion has different meanings for men and women. Indeed, men also like it when women are fashionable, dapper and well-dressed, however they have got their own point of view about being “well-dressed”. So if you want to be appealing to men, rather than to be a real fashion icon, take a look at the following fashion trends men hate and try to avoid these style blunders in the future.

Oversized Sunglasses
One of the things women are crazy about are oversized sunglasses, which men consider as a real faux pas. If you want to look alluring, try to avoid these retro-chic inspired accessories, and select the style of sunglasses that suit your face shape. Don’t forget about your makeup and hairstyle, if you want to create a mysterious allure.

Short Shorts
Even though women may find short shorts very sexy and a part of your unique image, men prefer longer ones, defining as the ultimate limit your tights. Throw away the provocative summer shorts from your bag before going to a beach or pool party!
String Bikinis
If you think that wearing bikinis is the best way of flaunting your flawless silhouettes, you should reconsider this point of view, if you want to appeal to men. Men are of the opinion that this type of swimwear is good only on Victoria’s Secret angels. Moreover, they’ll never like their partner to see wearing string bikinis.
Cropped Tops
Cropped tops look highly fashionable only on those having perfectly toned abs. For men this trend is associated with old time cheerleader costumes. So if you don’t want to look funny in men’s eyes, go for longer tops.
Harem Pants
You are definitely thrilled to try one of the latest and hottest trends, thus showing your great awareness about fashion and style. However, you should keep in mind that harem pants completely distort your body and mask the feminine curves, making this bulky texture extremely unaesthetic and unflattering. If you want to make a nice impression on your guy, just forget about this trend forever.

Neon Color Trend
It may seem to you that one of the easiest ways of standing out in the crowd and building up a personal image is trying on vibrant clothes. However, never go for neon colors, if you don’t want guys run away from you. Try to wear feminine clothes of sophisticated shades, like pastels, creams and neutrals on your first date.

Leopard Prints
Even though animal prints are so trendy and so elegant, men just can’t bear leopard prints. Yes, we women think it’s sexy, chic and powerful. But what do men think about this? “The standard uniform of a desperate woman!”
High-Waisted Pants
With this trend back again in fashion, women strive to get at least one pair of high-waisted pants. But wait a minute! Did you know the fact that you’d better avoid this trend, unless you are a model of size 4? Wondering why? First – “It makes even a skinny girl look heavy”, second – “It does not accentuate your waist but belly!” and finally: “Imagine if I walk around with my pants pulled up just below my arm pits? But women seem to think that if everybody else is doing then somehow it looks good.”
You may surely like that jumpsuit trend! Still there are two things about jumpsuits that irritate men – you look shapeless in them and you spend more time in the bathroom. A man commented: “They’re the ultimate in women-dressing-forother-women. Confusing and overly clever. At best you look like a toddler, at worst like my mum in the Seventies.”

Leggings Fashion
It seems that guys can’t get the thing how this sporty type of clothing managed to transfer from the gym into everyday life. You can find an endless range of leggings designs, whether from jeans material or other fabrics. To look a style icon in your man’s eyes, just leave this trend out for home or for your dapper tours, and go for something elegant and impressive.
Baseball Caps
Though baseball caps are very easy and practical, they aren’t considered as accessories, according to guys. Do you know why? Because these comfy pieces kill the sex-appeal and flirty allure girls possess. Instead go for Fedora hats or large-brimmed ones if you want to accessorize your summer outfits with something elegant and interesting.

Gladiator Sandals
No doubt, your wardrobe contains at least one or two pieces of these cool-to-miss footwear designs, which are so comfortable and stylish to wear in summer. Unfortunately guys consider them as a real FAUX PAS! The main reason is that this type of shoes shorten your legs, thus concealing those sexy legs men are fond of.

Ugg Boots
According to men, this can be the most repulsive footwear ever that women wear. Especially men hate it, when women wear these shoes in any time of weather. “There is no toe cleavage, no ankle. They smell pretty bad, too”, a man said.
So what now, women? Do you want to look “super stylish” or sexy, dapper and nice? Unless you are a stylist from Vogue, turn to your male friend for a precious piece of advice about the fashionable things you wear!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images