Fashionistas On a Budge

It’s not easy being a fashionista on a budget. When it comes to fashion, who wouldn’t want to shell out a few hundred bucks for the latest Hermes bag or Diane Von Furstenberg printed top? If you can afford it, why not? Unfortunately, most people simply don’t have the riches needed to throw money at the world’s most influential designers, and thus are stuck buying thrifty threads.

Don’t worry – you’re not alone!  

Plenty of fashionistas live on a budget, and you really don’t have to be rich to be a fashionista. All you need is some good fashion sense, and the patience to wait for the perfect sale. So, don’t let your lack of funds get you down! Instead, employ some of these tips to ensure you’re looking great without breaking the bank.


Stop paying full price for high-ticket fashions, such as designer clothing and accessories. It’s time to replace the mall with an outlet mall. If you shop online, click away from an expensive designer’s homepage. Instead, shop at discount and second-hand stores. These stores are going to save you big on the designers you like best. For example, you can score brand name preowned watches from Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers, meaning you’ll save hundreds of dollars on brand names watches, such as Cartier and Rolex. There are discount and second-hand stores for almost every fashion brand and designer – take advantage of these discounts and you’ll never pay full retail price again.


Separates can be mixed and matched to create a signature look – something every fashionista should have. Build a wardrobe of essentials by choosing mix-and-match separates in two – three basic colors. Styled 247 recommends that one of your essential colors matches your hair color. Wardrobe essentials are simple pieces, such as tank tops and t-shirts, and therefore can be purchased relatively cheap, and spruced up with more expensive and stylish accessories to create a unique/fashionable look.


Unless you’re living in some ultra-fashionable part of New York City, no one is going to notice when you show up in last season’s khakis or an outdated trench coat. Buying out of season is a great way to save loads of money on your favorite designers. Styled 247 says, “You will get the best deals in July and August plus January and February. Google your favorite stores, go to their websites to find out about the sales. Register to receive invitations and coupons.”


Don’t be afraid to be your own designer. Perhaps you have a beautiful vintage coat, but the outdated/plastic buttons have cheapened the look. Why not replace those buttons? For just a few bucks (the cost of thread, needle, and buttons), you can update your jacket. Get crafty with your clothes. You can even emulate some of your favorite runway looks. And, who knows? Someday, your new hobby could pay off, and you could be the world’s next coveted designer.


The following fabrics aren’t expensive, but look expensive:

·  Cotton

·  Linen

·  Tweed

·  Faux suede

·  Faux leather

FYI – Who What Wear advises that low-priced high heels look better in faux suede than faux leather.


Finally, it’s important to stick to your budget. By maintaining a strict budget, you’ll save more money in the long run, and thus increase your savings. Overtime, you can increase your shopping budget, but only if you’re sure you can afford it. Who says fashion has to cost a fortune? Fashion sense and dollar sense are both worthy pursuits of the modern fashionista.