Looks like we’ve got some cleaning to do. Ladies, the Free People Spring Cleaning Lookbook for 2012 is up now. As spring arises fashion trends scan a new overlook to more blossomy and bright styles. This time Spring Cleaning March 2012 features the lovely and gorgeous Camille Rowe, who dressed in all white representing us what’s fashionable this season. Posed in white basic tanks, tiny to die for chic shorts, with fitted denim, romantic skirts, gorgeous sequins and laces supported with a touch of studded and metallic accessoriesRowie brings back to modern fashion the appeal of pristine white tones assembled with creative looks. This look totally encourages you to leave behind the gloomy, dark tones and make a more refreshed and light wardrobe; with the right proportions and textures the lookbook is easy to create and follow through. Check out the latest photos of Free People spring cleaning by Anthony Nocella on the official website of the brand, where you can also rate your favorite outfit.

What surprised me most, are the flat boots that have been included in the lookbook. It gives a totally sexy and confident impression. At first sight they don’t really go with pristine white and warm spring, but as you take a second look it all comes to the right places. It’s come to my attention that almost no make-up is needed to finish up the look; so it’s easy to create, very stylish and it gives you something new to try. Besides, it’s the perfect opportunity to rediscover your wardrobe and get rid of clothes that no longer please you: the easy-to-follow lookbook helps you create a new and stunning style for you, I think it’s worth a try.

Photos courtesy of Free People