Fur has been trendy already for several seasons, and for fall/winter 2011-2012 it still makes a great trend, as this material possesses a great luxury and aristocracy in it. In hard times of economic downturn many designers chose affordable materials and simpler clothing designs, but there were also ones, who kept on creating luxurious items for high class society. They used plenty of fur and thus brought this hot trend into fashion.

In the fall/winter season of 2011-2012 we can see lots of fur items in the famous designers’ collections. However the fur trend has been changed a little and a total fur look is no longer fashionable now. It is rather an ingrained part of many collections, than an entire focus for them.
For fall/winter 2011-2012 fur trend is more expressed through fur coats and it also serves to bring back other seasons’ dominant trends. For example fur was used in the Gucci fall/ winter 2011/2012 collection to revive the chic and luxury of the 70s.

Fur has also been used to trim collars and cuffs, sleeves and hems of jackets or skirts. It is not only used on clothing, but it also decorates fashion accessories, like hats, boots, gloves and even bags.
If in previous seasons we could see more or less natural colors of furs, this year it comes in various shades, like green, blue, red, purple and so on.
Though there were lots of groups, like PETA, struggling against the usage of natural fur, there are still cases, when many designers use it. Now a third of designers prefer to use fake furs in their collections, but when there’s demand, they also go for a natural one. So natural fur is still very popular, as many people love the way it looks and feels. It’s just a matter of preferences and tastes, what a person chooses to wear.


Photos via millionlooks.com