Photo: Zimbio

British model Georgia May Jagger has opened up on her shopping habits, admitting that there was a time in the past when she used to be a shopaholic. These days, she says she tries to be more sensible with her money and will make sure an item fits perfectly and she’ll wear it more than once before she buys. She commented that she doesn’t want to throw all of her money away on clothes:

 ”I used to be a shopaholic, but I’m being more careful now. I avoid buying online and try on a piece several times in store before purchasing it. It would be stupid to waste all the money I earn modelling on clothes!”

Speaking on how she puts together her wardrobe, Georgia says she likes to mix different kind of pieces and loves to shop in the cities she stops off to work in. She adds that she does follow trends but not too closely:

”Otherwise I do what a lot of girls do, mixing statement pieces, basics and vintage clothes that I find wherever I’m working: LA, New York, Sydney, London. I follow trends, but not too literally, I don’t want to get bored with what I buy after only six months.”

On past makeup mistakes, Georgia reveals that she did used to wear far too much foundation in the past and she thinks she used to look “terrifying”. She has learned to be more subtle with her makeup choices now:

”Wearing too much foundation when I was younger. When I look back on photos, it’s terrifying! And I was going the whole hog with black eyes and red lips – I’ve since learnt to be more subtle. I used to mix clashing prints all the time, like watermelons with leopard print. I’m still crazy about prints, but I wear them more reasonably now.”