Gwen Stefani

Photo: Examiner

‘No Doubt’ singer Gwen Stefani and teamed up with denim guru Michael Glasser to create a new clothing line named ‘DWP’ – Design With Purpose. The collection will focus on trousers but avoids the use of denim, favoring other materials instead as there has been a shift in market trends and denim pieces aren’t quite as popular as they once were. The new 18-piece collection will launch this spring and will range from $80 to $130. Glasser commented on why they decided to avoid jeans:

“A buyer from Neiman Marcus came up to me and said, ‘If you show me another five-pocket jean, I’m going to punch you.’ So I thought, ‘Do I really want to show a new jeans line? I don’t think so.’ So we flipped it to Design With Purpose because the purpose of this line is to start defining an exciting area like we did with the jeans.”

Glasser adds that while denim is usually a driving force when it comes to profits, things have shifted lately and denim pieces aren’t being snapped up as quickly as they once were. He said:

“Denim is usually the biggest profit center of a store. If jeans are good, stores are doing great. Now it’s a struggle because they don’t have this go-to. So it’s not like buyers can say, ‘I can make money here, so I can take a risk there.’ The purpose of this company is to step into a place that we believe will encourage the business to get better, take the pressure off jeans, give it a rest. There’s no question jeans will be there, but the scale has to be balanced. The moment is now.”

Commenting on the new designs, Gwen says she did most of the design work for the tops:

“I was trying to get all the basics. Michael nailed the bottoms. For tops, I was trying to think about what I wear besides a tank top. I love cuffed-up sleeves, tops that are long in front and short in back. And we did a jumpsuit and a dress to fill in the gaps.”