H&M has launched its latest campaign. This season is going to be something special; they are raising money for charity. Part of the money from sales of garments within this collection will go to UNICEF. So, the money you spend will not only give you more clothes to fit in your closet, but also it will be put to a great and honest use.

Oh, and the campaign is celebrating Christmas as well, remember that and don’t get too hung on charity. So, Christmas season campaign; it celebrates the value of togetherness with famous figures and their loved ones posing in the latest collection. It presents a variety of collections, lookbooks with different styles, great designs in modern and retro style with inspiration from the 18th century fashion, bringing back the romantic, comfortable, chic and luxurious, feminine style with a touch of having a cocktail party feel. The main thing to point out in this trend is the fabric (I was really amazed!). The collection is trendy, stylish but at the same time very sustainable using materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, wool and tencel (let’s face it, they’ve gone completely eco friendly- I’m loving it!).
Your winter will definitely be merry; you will look good in different garments (very colorful and diverse).

Helena Helmersson, the head of corporate and social responsibility quoted, ”For us, it’s important that when they come to a store, whatever a customer chooses-if it’s a conscious item or not-they should feel that it’s produced in a responsible way, and what they’re wearing are ethically sourced and manufactured, while looking amazing and modern. We work hard and we’re at the forefront of sustainability. But with these collections, we want to highlight it even more-these materials are extra sustainable!” (And to think, I wanted to buy a fur coat for winter, the other day.)
The collection indeed meets the demands of their customers, since more and more clients show concerns about sustainable practices in the fashion industry and as part of their socially responsible agenda, H&M aim to set an example (they are committed to educating customers in garment care so the products last longer thus reducing waste); I think they’re goal is working.
This winter season is the protagonist of this tissue H&M Conscious Party collection; knitted wool, warm clothes, voluminous skirts, dresses, pants jackets, tweeds, blouses, shirts, dresses.
H&M’s this season’s eco-friendly collection is totally worth to check out.

Photos courtesy of H&M