Fashion retailers often join forces with contemporary artists to create fashion items, which are actually real art pieces. Such fashion retailer is also the Swedish label H&M, which has released a special collection that pays tribute to graphic designers. The new H&M Divided Art spring 2012 collection brings a fun parade of printed tank tops, t-shirts and leggings, which illustrate the brilliant works of Fanny Gentle, Alexis Anne Mackenzie, Saskia Pomeroy and Johnny Ryan.

H&M is one successful brand, which has managed to win the hearts of the young with its constant fresh collections and interesting fashion interpretations. For the spring season, the brand managed to re-invent the urban sportswear trend that many youngsters promote throughout the world. And since the warm season allows us to bring some cheerful vibe into our styling with the help of colors and prints, this special collection is sure to inspire many voguish fashionistas to liven up their signature looks with cartoon figures, tribal patterns and chic romantic prints.
The H&M Divided Art spring 2012 collection is flooded with oh-so-voguish tops that will look amazing in combination with skinny jeans or stylish shorts. And if you want to place a high emphasis on your curvy and feminine silhouettes, go for those printed leggings. Bring a real craze and a refreshing vibe into your wardrobe by opting for these t-shirts decorated with fun messages, cartoon figures and other dazzling images. Just look forward to February 2012, as this is the actual date this inspirational line will get unveiled, and hurry up to inject a flirtatious vibe into your spring appearance.

Image courtesy of H&M