If you are one of the biggest fans of beautiful Sasha Pivovarova and are in love with H&M style, than at least these two factors will serve as a good reason for you to like the latest H&M Fall 2011 Catalog, featuring this beauty model. For this fall collection, our favorite Swedish fashion retailer goes a little bit retro and vintage, bringing affordable and stylish ensembles that will keep you in fashion for the upcoming months. From denim overalls and big retro sunglasses to floppy hats, head scarfs or masculine white shirts, the collection has it all for every taste and preferences, promising a vintage-inspired atmosphere in your closet.

The latest H&M Fall 2011 Catalog mainly concentrates on simple designs, which stand out for their quite reserved color choices, flavored with just a few eclectic prints. There is a huge contrast between masculine-inspired items and ladylike trends, which sets a versatile fashion atmosphere and enables you to mix and match the way you like. Those knee length dresses and skirts are here to prove that you can enhance the femininity and ladylike allure in you better with such sophisticated items, rather than skin baring ensembles. And if you aren’t so much into a plain style, go wild and bold, injecting a few animal printed accessories and you are ready to rock the fashion world.
Besides impressive printed designs, there is a line of monochromatic outfits, such as all black or white alternatives, which will keep you voguish and chic, without giving the impression of trying too hard. Just memorize that fall 2011 brings quite dapper and simple looks, exactly like the ones featured in the H&M Fall 2011 Catalog. So get a few simple, yet impressive items and start styling to show off your personality and unique style. With the H&M Fall 2011 Catalog you are sure to update your fall wardrobe according to the latest fashion trends, without feeling sorry for overspending.

Photo courtesy of H&M