What is summer associated with? Sunshine and breezy days, careless rest by the sea, joyful parties, a sea of fun and surely a newly updated style, enveloping the latest fashion trends and a myriad of colors. This is the best season to go flirty and girlish, to enjoy the pleasure of wearing body-conscious flowy and sweet summer dresses, skirts, tops and shorts. This is the right time to pack your things and escape from the daily problems, enjoying every little bit of your seaside vacation. But what do you need for this? Surely proper outfits, resembling the breezy allure and youthful spirit of your seaside leisure. And here comes our favorite Swedish label H&M as a rescue to your all fashion dilemmas. Its latest collection, called H&M Summertime Seaside SS 2011 Lookbook, is what you need for adopting a new summer look, appropriate for the sunny days of summer.

The H&M Summertime Seaside SS 2011 Lookbook seems to have been created especially for those, who are getting ready for a dreamy vacation in a small exotic island in the presence of the sun and the sea. You’ll find anything here to take with you – girlish mini skirts, strapless tops, emphasizing your décolletage and lady-like allure, delicate ladies dresses, playful short shorts, groovy Fedoras, eclectic jewelry and matchy footwear.
The stress is mainly laid on nautical stripes, mono-chromatic aspect, femininity and a rich color scale. All the fashion pieces are so catchy and lovely due to those eye-popping blues, corals, pinks and other vibrant shades. With your new H&M image you’ll hardly be able to pass by unnoticed and blend into the huge crowd of colorless and monotonous fashionistas. After all you are preparing for the beach season and your stunning makeover should tell a lot about this.

No wonder, H&M is a brand to keep an eye on. Besides the huge cavalcade of trendy outfits it suggest, you have a great benefit of obtaining all those pieces at quite a pocket-friendly price. So why not to give in all your style fantasies and obtain a few beach appropriate summer staples, reflecting the romantic and breezy allure of the bright summer season.


Photo courtesy of H&M