Take time to embrace the H&M pants collection for 2012, as soon they’ll be in stores and online for purchasing. The Swedish brand presents us trousers of a large diversity and variety with flower and fruit prints, drenched in eye-popping shades and trendy metallic, all both very comfortable and stylish. Placing more focus on bright colors, it’s the collection suitable for a beautiful summer day. Marin blue is the color that designers at H&M propose for the summer 2012, but there are also light blue and beige jeans, punchy hues and daring prints as well as neutrals. The pants range from ankle-length, to ¾-length and to shorts. Slim-fit and wide-leg pants seem to be very popular this summer, so you can create a diverse and modern wardrobe.

As we remember the past collection of H&M, we see the difference of styles and mind, however, as better as this sounds, with 2012 spring/summer H&M brings us different pants style, check out the collection and get ready for sunny days.

One more thing I might add, is that the pants give a playful, youthful, chic and glamorous look. It’s not that common that they can be comfy at the same time,  as it takes a lot of hard work to be glamorous and chic, but try them on to see for yourself. The H&M pants collection 2012 will give a mega boost to your mood and wardrobe. If you are thinking of changing your look and trying a bolder sartorial approach, this is the collection to consider for.

Photos courtesy of H&M