Karl Lagerfeld recently directed a short film to show off Chanel’s Spring 2013 collection, but he also included two of his favorite non-fashion things – his 4-year-old godson Hudson Kroenig and his cat Choupette.

The black and white silent flick was shot in the gardens of Paris’ Rodin Museum and stars models Stef Van der Laan and Lindsay Wixson. Also featured is male model and Chanel muse Brad Kroenig and his son Hudson, who has been walking the runway for Chanel since he was just 2 years old, most recently with the matching brides in the Chanel couture show. He has also been photographed for German Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, and for campaigns for Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana.


Of course the models look flawless in the designer duds, but we couldn’t keep our eyes off of little Hudson either. Lagerfeld dressed him in a t-shirt with Choupette’s face printed on the front and a sweatshirt with the cat’s face and name printed on the back.


In case you somehow missed all the attention Lagerfeld’s cat has garnered over the past year, Choupette has risen to fame quicker than many humans do. The fluffy white Birman is Karl’s latest obsession and is treated like a princess. The designer’s iPhone is reportedly filled with photos of the feline, which makes Karl seem much more relatable than he typically does. Who doesn’t take a ton of pictures of their pet on their phone or to share through Twitter or Instagram? Anyways, Choupette has 2 maids that care for her 24 hours a day, she eats on a table like people do, she visits the vet every 10 days, and everything she does is detailed in journals. The cat has been photographed playing with an iPad and roaming around the cockpit of an airplane and has been formally shot for spreads in I-D, Harper’s Bazaar and V magazines. Is it wrong to be jealous of a cat?


Between the VIP treatment Choupette receives and the ways Karl spoils his godson, we can’t get enough of the adorable pair. It may seem hard to believe that the youngster and the cat could lead such fashionable lives, but then again, when does Karl Lagerfeld do anything low-key? We’re hoping the Choupette-adorned tee and hoodie that Hudson was wearing will soon be made available for sale – we’ll snatch them up as soon as we can! Meanwhile, check out the Chanel video below and imagine how nice it must be to be in Karl Lagerfeld’s inner circle.