Great lingerie can do miracles with your outfits. Even the most expensive and fashionable dress would look unflattering, if you are wearing ill-fitting underwear. It’s important to know what lingerie you are choosing to wear under a certain pieces of clothing. Today our topic will be slips, which are the best matching underwear with a sleek dress.

Slips are very sexy and comfortable. They are great in preventing the chafing of dresses and skirts, besides slips protect fancy fabrics from perspiration. There are also types of slips that protect skin from wool and other coarse fabrics and keep your body warm. With such a great variety of slip types and flattering designs, you should follow several fashion tips and tricks to pick up the right one for you.
First of all, pay attention to the slip fabric and color, coordinating it with your dress or skirt you are going to wear with. For half-tight silk dresses the most complementing slip is that made from mesh. If you are wearing light dresses, nude color is the best one, while black slims go with black dresses.

It’s also essential to take into account the texture of your slip. For a sleek and tight dress a sleek slip is the most matching one. To hide your unflattering silhouettes go for slips from solid materials, which also perfectly serve as bras. Pay attention to the neckline of your dress, choosing a slip with the same neckline.
There are also two-pieces slips, which are best to be worn under a skirt and a blouse. To match your slip with your blouse and skirt best of all, take them with you to the lingerie shop to try them on there.
Slips come in various sizes, both for skinny girls and bigger ones. Though some may think that plus-size slips don’t look attractive, this isn’t true in fact. Nowadays you can find so many cute and flattering designs for any taste and demands that you’ll definitely be able to pick up one appealing to you.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images