How to Craft Your Own Personal Style

Feeling a little behind in the fashion game? Do you constantly hear yourself saying, “I could never pull that off,” whenever you go shopping? Fear not, there’s a fashionista hiding in there somewhere, we know it! If you think nothing in your closet is cohesive, it may be time to create a style that is all your own. It’s time for your friends and family to start saying, “That is so you!” when you go shopping.

Think it’s easier said than done? Not with these simple steps to help you craft your very own personal style that is as unique as you are!

Take Notes

It may sound silly, but trust us, it really works! Notes can really mean anything. From creating Pinterest boards to collect outfits and items you see on the web that you like, to taking pictures of your friends’ outfits, collecting fashion magazines for inspiration, or taking notes of outfits you see at work, at a restaurant, or anywhere around town! Just like any project you had to do in school, this personal style project is going to have to start with doing a little research.

Go Shopping

Once you’ve done all your digging, you have it memorized, organized, and ready to recite, it’s time to take the plunge. Depending on your shopping habits, decide if it’s best to fly solo or bring a trusty partner along. Someone who is supportive, that you feel comfortable with, and isn’t afraid to be honest with you. Use the research you’ve done to help you decide what stores to hit up, which sections to look at, and how to strategist. Shopping can be fun of course, but in this case, it’s fun work.

Look Good, Feel Good

While on your shopping trip, at either physical stores or online, keep the golden rule of everyday fashion on the tip of your tongue: look good, feel good. A beautiful, flattering top means nothing if you can’t move your arms around without feeling constrained. If walking or sitting in a pair of pants is a struggle, don’t bother. Fashion, although appearance based, is really sold with confidence. The only way to truly be confident is when you believe that you look great, and you feel comfortable and free. When first forming your new wardrobe, keep to high quality items and brands that boast comfort, like the fashion basics at District® Clothing. These kinds of items will become the building blocks of your new personal style.

How to Craft Your Own Personal Style

Be Yourself

While in the first “taking notes” stage of crafting your personal style, keep in mind that you’re really researching for inspiration, not imitation. Just like in school, you would be in trouble if you plagiarized someone else’s work. The same goes for fashion. Borrow as many style ideas to help, but don’t make your looks carbon copies. Along this journey you will learn more about yourself than you ever thought you would with clothes. If you keep in mind a confidence first mindset, there’s no doubt that your true self will start to shine through, and that unique style that you’ve been looking for will show itself!

Author Bio: Carolyn Clarke is a proud mother of two from Los Angeles, California. When not working as a fashion merchandiser, she enjoys blogging and volunteering at her local pet shelter