Are you a girlie girl? Do you like to wear clothing that makes you feel feminine? Do you shy away from pants and shorts for this very reason? You don’t have to. You can still feel feminine without wearing skirts or dresses. Femininity has many definitions, and you don’t have to limit yourself. There are several ways to make shorts feel “prettier,” so you can add some variety to your wardrobe.

One obvious way to feminize your look with shorts is to buy shorts that are feminine in style. For example, maybe they have a pretty pattern like flowers. Or maybe they are made from a silky material. Or perhaps they have a scallop type shape to their cut.

How to Feminize Your Shorts Ensembles

Your best bet for finding feminine shorts is to look at the selection of shorts online. Since you can usually find more sizes and larger available stock, shopping online gives you a better chance of finding what you’re looking for. Plus, you can take your time and really shop around for the best pieces. Often times, retailers offer discounts as an incentive for shopping online.

But let’s say you can’t find any shorts that you like in a feminine style. That doesn’t mean you have to rule them out completely.

There are other ways to wear them and feel pretty. Even if the shorts are plain, or not as girlie as you’d like, pairing them with other feminine pieces can balance out your look. You can pair your shorts with tops that are made from lace, or that have that feminine style or print. You can add a pretty belt to your shorts for a more subtle touch of pretty. You can also add jewelry to your outfit, or choose some shoes that are dressy, like heels or girlie wedges.

The truth is, depending on the pieces that you choose for an outfit, a pair of shorts might end up looking more feminine than a dress. It isn’t just about the pieces that you wear. It’s about the pieces you wear with them, and the color/style of the pieces that you wear. Just because you are in a dress, doesn’t necessarily mean you look more feminine. Maybe you feel more girlie, but that doesn’t always reflect how you are perceived by others. This doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing dresses. In fact, any “healthy” wardrobe has a little bit of everything. And if your ultimate goal is to feel like a lady, you can find ways to add touches of feminine elements to any outfit.

The important thing to remember is that dresses and skirts are not the only pieces in a wardrobe that can make you more feminine (in most cases). There may be occasions where a dress is not a good choice, and instead you should go with some shorts. In that case, add some of those girlie pieces to your look and you can stay true to who you are while adding some diversity to your wardrobe.