plus size costume

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays, and choosing your costume is a way to get sexy as well as creative. For women with curvier figures, however, it can also be intimidating. Many sexy costumes are designed for women with unrealistic measurements, and those designed for women with bigger bodies can be hit or miss. So how do you find the best, most sexy plus size costumes? Here are five tips:

  1. Corsets – Corsets have become ubiquitous in Halloween costumes for many reasons: they fit many historical periods, they’re sexy, and they are a step outside of the ordinary for most women today. For a plus size girl, however, corsets are more than just a fashion accessory. Corsets were originally designed to help shape a woman’s body to match whatever the fads of the time were, and today’s corsets can also help enhance an hourglass figure, showing off one’s natural curves to their best advantage. In older times, corsets could be extremely tight and constrictive, but today’s are much more comfortable, while still allowing you to tinker with your figure. A corset gives a sexy plus size costume a lot more versatility.
  2. Pinup style – Consider a pinup style costume. Many of today’s sexy Halloween costumes have their roots in mid-twentieth century pinup art of starlets, singers, and burlesque dancers dressed as nurses or in sexpot versions of other classic costumes. However, in the 1940s and 50s when pinup or “cheesecake” art was at its peak, women were much more curvy and this was considered normal and beautiful. Consider looking through old pinups online and take your inspiration from their fashion sense.
  3. V-shaped lines – When you look at sexy plus size costumes online, you’ll see that many use V-shapes across the costume. This can be used in the neckline, the waistline, a belt or, in some cases, even the bottom hem of a skirt. V-shapes have a huge advantage for plus size women because they eliminate the flattening, widening power of straight horizontal lines. Just as you wouldn’t wear horizontal stripes, you don’t really want a horizontal belt across your midsection or a horizontal neckline. Harness the power of the V to draw the eye up and down, making you look taller, sleeker and, of course, as sexy as you truly are.
  4. Two pieces – Many sexy costumes are often short dresses plus accessories – which means that the dress tries to determine your waistline and the material hugs every inch. For a plus size alternative, look at the many sexy costumes that are essentially two pieces: a skirt and a blouse/shirt (with or without a corset or jacket over it). By breaking the costume into two pieces, you will be more comfortable, there will be a natural flow around the waistline and your costume won’t be fighting your body shape.
  5. Be proud of your body – Above all else, be proud of your body and own your look as you get ready this Halloween. You are beautiful and your costume is an extension of your personality and natural sensuality. Don’t forget it!

Do you have any tips for making great plus size costumes?