jourdanPhoto: lisimg

British model Jourdan Dunn has spoken out on racial diversity, insisting she still isn’t happy with how black models are treated in the industry. Although designers have been clearly making an effort to use models from many different racial backgrounds as of late, Jourdan says the situation still has a way to go. Jourdan reveals that a makeup artist once refused to work with her because of her skin colour and she thinks designers also shouldn’t be applauded for using “just one ethnic model” as she thinks there should be more. She also doesn’t understand why people think it’s positive when she’s the only black model at a show. She explained:

“I don’t know why people applaud designers for having just one ethnic model. It’s not like only one type of woman loves fashion. I find it weird when [model] agents say, ‘You’re the only black girl booked for the show. Isn’t it great?’ Why is it great? I want to talk about what goes on. A lot of people are scared to speak up.”

Jourdan has a young son named Riley and spoke about how her job often keeps them apart. She admits that she often feels as though she is missing out on some parts of his early years but she tries to put a positive spin on it by telling herself that she is working to give him a better future:

“Sometimes I feel so guilty about missing out on everything, but I have to remember I’m doing this for him, for his future.”