Once again romance and vitality reign in the fashion world, as the world famous American brand Juicy Couture has presented its new spring campaign for 2011. Juicy Couture is characterized by a great versatility in fashion and an infinite color scale. Thanks to its youthful, playful vibe, affordable prices and always fresh and colorful new collections, Juicy Couture has already become the favorite label of millions of voguish girls, who strive to unleash their flirty side through their outfits. The latest collection of the fashion house is no exception to this rule, full of the blooming season dressing room staples. Floral prints, stripes, dots, mild and sunny colors, brights and refined textures are the main characteristic features of the Juicy Couture Spring 2011 campaign.

The popular and beautiful models Daria Strokous, Hanne Gaby Odiele, and Viktoriya Sasonkina are pictured in the campaign, which is so funny, easy and playful. They represent the most youthful and delightful ensembles of the moment.
What speaks of summer better, than maxi dresses, floral prints, fringes and short tunics? All the key ingredients of the warm season are reflected in the Juicy Couture lookbook for spring/summer 2011. To get a perfect Juicy Couture image and bring out your inner Boho chic allure, all you need is to opt for those multicolored tunics, accompanied by fine jewelry pieces, dainty tops, catchy footwear and playful hats drenched in vibrant shades.

Embrace the warm days’ crazy parties with a Juicy Couture bikini and stylish sunglasses. What makes all the swimwear more attractive is the fact that they’ll look great on you, despite your silhouettes. Get out of your box, go bold and start experimenting with the craziest and most daring style ideas you may have.
Furnish your summer wardrobe with a dapper color splash, turning to the Juicy Couture new catalogue. It’s so easy now to create a Bohemian chic look, as the Juicy Couture Spring 2011 lookbook has everything you could ever imagine to have for it. Replace your boring look with one of the stylish ensembles, suggested by Juicy Couture and you are sure to become a real trendsetter for your friends.

Photo courtesy of Juicy Couture